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High-carb energy bars High-carb energy bars

Take adventure snacking to a whole new level with our high-carb energy bars.⁠

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Train harder for longer Train harder for longer

Our energy products all deliver dual-carbs at the most optimal ratio to make sure you get the energy you need at the quickest rate possible.

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Get your free fuel guide Get your free fuel guide

It can be difficult to know what fuelling product to take and when, so why not let our Fuel Tool do all the work for you?! It’s free and it works.

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Join the Strava Club Join the Strava Club

Embracing the community spirit, worldwide. Let's unleash the thrill of adventure! We invite you to join our Club and conquer your goals together as a united force!

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Approved by elite athletes

We have a growing worldwide roster of multi-discipline athletes who use our products during training and in competition. We know our products make a difference, because they use them when it matters most.

Benefits of Styrkr

Complete endurance fuel

All Styrkr products have been specifically engineered to sustain strength and improve performance, so you can keep on pushing all the way to your finish line

Effective and efficient

Our adventure-proof designs allow you to fuel quickly and effectively even in the toughest environments. When minutes and seconds matter, you can trust Styrkr.

Go harder for longer

Active ingredients in Styrkr products, such as L-glutamine, decrease the accumulation of blood ammonia during exercise, lessening fatigue and reducing the desire to stop

Quick-release energy

All Styrkr bars, drink mixes and gels contain dual transportable carbohydrates – maltodextrin and fructose – for easy digestion and a super-snappy energy release.

Easy on the gut

All our products are pH-balanced and use the optimal dual-carb ratio of 1:0.8, because it causes the least amount of gut discomfort compared to ratios of 1:1.25 and 2:1.

100% Vegan

All our products are Vegan Society-approved and made with natural ingredients. You’ll not find any colourants or preservatives in our drink mixes, gels or salts either.

Real results, real people

See the Styrkr love from our satisfied customers!

Fuelling the everyday athlete

The Styrkr sports fuel range is the culmination of many months of research and development with one clear focus: to help everyday athletes reach their next endurance goal. We listen to what our customers have to say and are committed to providing industry-leading and innovative fuelling solutions at an affordable price.

UK Manufactured


High quality ingredients

Vegan Society approved

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Fuelling the everyday athlete
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For every Styrkr product purchased we’ll donate 1% of our profit to FareShare: the UK’s longest running food redistribution charity. Together we can help hungry children in the UK get the fuel they need to be the best they can be.

Styrkr is the fuel brand you’ve been looking for

Our Styrkr sports nutrition products have been developed by professional nutritionists and elite sportspeople to help everyday athletes train harder for longer and improve their sports endurance performance.

Our Styrkr sports nutrition products have been developed by professional nutritionists and elite sportspeople to help everyday athletes train harder for longer and improve their sports endurance performance.

It doesn’t matter what endurance sport you love – whether it be cycling, running, hiking, climbing, swimming, surfing or boxing – we have a fuel product to suit you.

Our range includes dual-carb energy drink mixes, dual-carb energy bars, dual-carb energy gels, hydration tablets quad-blend electrolyte powders. Every product has been specifically engineered to work fast, be gentle on the stomach and keep you pushing hard all the way to your finish line.

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Energy Gel 3 Pack

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Energy Bar 3 Pack

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