The Styrkr range is the result of many hours of rigorous testing and refinement with one clear objective: to give everyday athletes the strength to go further than ever before.


Smart on the body

All Styrkr drinks, gels and salts have been specifically engineered to produce unique effects in the body – specifically, the bloodstream – that reduce overall fatigue and energy expenditure while maintaining power and increasing output throughout endurance activity.

All Styrkr MIX and GEL products contain our proven dual carb ratio. We don’t give them to you for fun though. We do it because it works.
During intense activity carbohydrates are your body’s primary energy source and more can be absorbed per hour when they come from dual sources.

Styrkr drink mixes and gels contain two transportable carbohydrates – maltodextrin and fructose – at a ratio of 1:0.8 to improve the exogenous carbohydrate oxidation rate and cause the least amount of gut discomfort compared to ratios of 1:1.25 and 2:1.

Our pioneering PlasmaTECH™ gives you the advantage by:

  1. Increasing energy with optimal carb intake
  2. Regulating fluid to maintain output
  3. Reducing ammonia to lessen fatigue
  4. Being pH-balanced and super-gentle the stomach

By using PlasmaTECH™-enhanced products in the Styrkr range independently and synergistically, you are giving yourself every opportunity to achieve the best results you can.

Simple on the stomach

When designing a sports fuel it’s imperative that the body can adapt and tolerate it. This is why all of our products have been tested again and again to make sure they are pH-balanced and do not cause any gastro-intestinal discomfort.

Styrkr - Carb oxidisation per hour

Clear science, clean products

Science is now an integral part of endurance sport. Fuelling correctly before, during and after activities over 2 hours is crucial to maximise your performance.

Counting the carbs: During intense activity, carbohydrates are your body’s primary energy source and more can be absorbed per hour when they come from dual sources. All of our drink mixes and gels incorporate this advanced dual-carb system to give you extra when you need it most.

Keeping it clean: You’ll not find any colourants or preservatives in our drink mixes, gels or salts. Why? Because your body doesn’t need them. With Styrkr, it’s natural ingredients all the way to the finish line.

Hull University partnership

We worked with leading experts during the development of the Styrkr range. Trusted athletes were given products to test in gruelling environments with resoundingly positive results and professional trainers are beginning to integrate our fuel into their regimes.

Our partners at the University of Hull are also in the process of scientifically evaluating our products and our pioneering PlasmaTechTM and we’re expecting a paper to be published soon.

Styrkr-Hull University Partnership

Research & Development

We are committed to continuous innovation and strive to constantly develop our product’s. Our cutting edge, in house testing facility means we can have ultimate control over our products and future developments. All Styrkr products have been made specifically with athletes in mind and tested in the toughest conditions before going to market. Follow our journey as we look to change the way we fuel for the better.

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