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The Ultra Nutrition Box
The Ultra Nutrition BoxThe Ultra Nutrition BoxThe Ultra Nutrition BoxThe Ultra Nutrition Box

The Ultra Nutrition Box

Going the distance not enough? Then it’s time to go the ultra-distance with this audacious endurance assortment from Styrkr. Contains big miles, ultra savings of 26% already included in the price - new PBs, fresh adventures, and every product listed below giving you the strength to go further.


  • 6x MIX90
  • 2x GEL30, 2x GEL30 Caffeine+, 2x GEL30 Nitro+
  • 1x SLT05 box, 1x SLT05 Caffeine+ box
  • 2x BAR50 Dark Chocolate
  • 2x BAR50 Date & Almond
  • 2x BAR50 Apple & Cinnamon
  • 2x bottles

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Approved by athletes, driven by science

All Styrkr drinks, gels, salts and bars have been specifically engineered to produce unique effects in the body – specifically, the bloodstream – that reduce overall fatigue and energy expenditure while maintaining power and increasing output throughout endurance activity.

Rapid energy

Carbohydrates are your body’s primary energy source and more can be absorbed per hour when they come from dual sources.

Easy digestion

Styrkr drink mixes, gels and bars contain two transportable carbohydrates at a ratio of 1:0.8 for rapid energy and easy digestion.


Our products hit your PBs hard, not your pockets delivering maximum carbohydrates in an industry-leading price-to-weight ratio.


All our products are Vegan Society-approved and made with natural ingredients. You’ll not find any colourants or preservatives either.

The Ultra Nutrition Box contains...

Energy Drink Mixes

6x MIX90. Drink powder designed to sustain strength and improve performance.

Engery Gels

2x GEL30, 2x GEL30 Caffeine+, 2x GEL30 Nitro+. Dual-fuel gels that give a crucial energy boost when you need it most.

The Ultra Nutrition Box
Electrolyte Powders

1x SLT05 box, 1 x SLT05 Caffeine+ box. Quad-blend electrolyte powders to keep you fully hydrated.

Energy Bars

2x BAR50 Dark Chocolate, 2x BAR50 Date & Almond, 2x BAR50 Apple & Cinnamon. Dual-fuel rice bar that fights fatigue and gives hunger the heave-ho.

500ml bidon

2x 500ml bottles. BPA free bottle designed to optimise your Styrkr drink mixes.

Hungry for more PBs?

BAR50 is a nutritionally complete, high-energy snack that contains a perfectly balanced amount of carbs, proteins, fat and fibre. Revitalising and flavourful, BAR50 boosts energy, combats tiredness and fights flavour fatigue on longer adventures.

Rip the top, feel the rush

There’s no better way to release energy fast: GEL30’s L-arginine and L-citrulline combine to increase extracellular L-arginine levels. The result: more sustained performance for a more sustained period.

For maximum energy, just add water

500ml of it to be precise. Blending at this ratio allows optimal carbohydrate absorption. The L-glutamine reduces blood ammonia concentration, lessening fatigue and improving performance.

Keep on keeping on

Our quad-blend – sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium – SLT powders replace the electrolytes lost in sweat to keep you hydrated throughout endurance activity and pushing hard all the way to your finish line.

Fuelling the every day athlete

The Styrkr sports fuel range is the culmination of many months of research and development with one clear focus: to help everyday athletes reach their next endurance goal. We Listen to what our customers have to say and always strive to create the higest quality products that really work.

UK Manufactured


High Quality Ingredients

Vegan Society Approved

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Fuelling the every day athlete
What our customers have to say
  • EV

    “found these really good 👍 using the 90 mix for longer training rides. great to have found a product free of artificial nasties!”

  • AD
    Ash D

    “Really great range of products. Order the Test Pilot kit and was really impressed with the contents. So much so, I’ve already ordered more.”

  • ND
    Neil Dixon

    “Recently tried the Styrkr test pilot kit, i was really impressed with this. Really nice drinks and gel. I will be definitely ordering these products to supplement my on the bike.”

  • NW
    Neil Withnell

    “First try and really like the taste. Felt good on the bike too. Will be back for more”

  • NG
    Nicholas Goyder

    “Used the energy gel. Fuelled well for a couple of bad hills. Hydration electrolytes worked well. Less cramp than usual on 185 km route!”

  • PG
    Philip Glasgow

    “Great products, quickly dispatched. Endurance fuel of choice for me now.”

  • SB
    Steve Brill

    “Excellent products and the Carb Mix60 powder is my new go to for any ride over a couple of hours...”

  • SP
    Stuart Percival

    ''Tried the sample pack on 200km gravel race. Gel tasted amazing as did the electrolyte drink...''

  • CU

    ''I've used the Mix 60 carbohydrate powder on two 400KM long distance cycle rides. It's brilliant. I really like the neutral flavour...''

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