At Styrkr, we believe that real food is the most important part of your fuelling strategy.

At a very fundamental level, enough calories must be consumed to adequately fuel an athlete for an endurance event. Generally, a large majority of calorific intake comprises carbohydrates to give energy. However, calorie-dense foods, such as fats and sugars, are used by some athletes, whereas clean carbs and proteins are used by others. 

“The hardest part of fuelling is figuring out what’s right for you,” - Leon Veal, Styrkr’s Head of Innovation.

It’s a mantra you’ll often hear us spout, because it’s true. Here’s a few other truisms about our brand.
There are myriad ways to fuel yourself for an event and your strategy is generally tailored to the specific needs of the individual athlete. In this respect, nutrition is as individual as people: there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Something that works for one person may not necessarily work for another. 

Styrkr does not require athletes to change their nutrition plans to accommodate our products.

We aim to improve performance by introducing supplements that are specifically designed to give athletes more energy and combat fatigue, whatever your diet. Styrkr has been designed to give you extra without having to drastically compromise on your fuelling strategy, which is especially beneficial when every second, minute and hour are critical.

This is particularly relevant to long-distance endurance events where athletes are commonly unsupported and have to compromise how much fuel to carry. Elite athletes can make use of up to 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour during intense exercise, however in the real world the logistics of carrying around an additional 10kgs of supplements over 4 days is simply counterproductive. 

Styrkr is designed to make a big impact on performance and be easily transportable.

This was the philosophy we use when our athletes undertake endurance events. We keep the amount of products used to a minimum and plan for them to used at convenient times to deliver the optimum amount of fuel to enhance performance. Our PlasmaTECH fuelling system ensures that our beneficial components are delivered when they are really needed. 

In terms of fuelling, each Styrkr product has its own specific benefits and can be taken synergistically to maximise performance, alongside an athlete’s personal nutrition plan.

Our drinks provide energy by delivering an optimal amount of easily transportable dual-blend carbohydrates, with added L-glutamine and electrolytes to reduce fatigue and improve hydration.

The dual-transportable nature of the carbs also ensures that the product is as gentle on the stomach as possible through maximising the rate of digestion and absorption.

Our gels also use transportable carbohydrates combined with a range of active ingredients, which we refer to as ‘PlasmaTECH’. The active ingredients are aimed specifically at naturally decreasing energy expenditure and maximising output while being easily digestible.

Our SLT05 hydration range contains a quad-blend of electrolytes that mimic the electrolyte profile of lost sweat. This helps maintain constant body water levels and keep muscles optimally saturated to prevent fatigue and cramping.

In summary, Styrkr products provide a broad range of benefits to endurance athletes that enable them to improve performance without compromising on nutrition and logistics.