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Styrkr is dedicated to cultivating your love for cycling, providing you with knowledge and products to elevate and fuel your cycling journey, empowering you to reach new heights.


Stay updated with the latest cycling news and events in the biking world

Cycling news and events

Stay in the loop with Styrkr events! Our cycling athletes and experts curate the latest updates on races, championships, and cycling trends from around the globe. From thrilling road races to intense gravel biking events, we've got you covered with all the cycling excitement you crave.

Cycling benefits

Explore how regular cycling can improve health, boost endurance, and even enhance mental well-being. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist pro or just starting your epic journey, our Styrkr cycling articles explore the myriad advantages of cycling for riders of any level.

Fuelling Performance

Styrkr provides a wide range of products to help everyday athletes reach their next endurance goal with gusto. From energy-boosting bars to hydration solutions, we've got everything you need to power through your cycling adventures.

Cycling in hot weather: how to fuel Cycling in hot weather: how to fuel Explore our guide
Styrkr's dominance at MAAP London Styrkr's dominance at MAAP London We hit it hard!
How to fuel for long rides How to fuel for long rides Let's go!
Training around a full-time job Training around a full-time job Read Sam's story

Fuel your performance with champion cycling nutrition!

Are you a seasoned cyclist or just starting your biking adventure? Our nutrition guide caters to riders of all levels. We understand that different cyclists have different needs, and that's why we've curated a wide range of nutrition options to suit your goals. Feel the Styrkr rush!

Improves endurance

The secret of sustaining peak performance throughout long rides is nutrition. Our nutrition tips will help you maintain energy levels and conquer those challenging terrains.

Enhanced muscles

Unlock your full cycling potential by fuelling your muscles with the right nutrients. Our athlete approved nutrition will help you power through effortlessly.

Faster recovery

Learn about the best post ride practices that help in speedy muscle recovery. Get back on the saddle feeling stronger and fresher.

High-carb energy bars High-carb energy bars

Combat tiredness and fight flavour fatigue on longer adventures.⁠ These snacks are not only nutritious but also satisfying for your taste buds.

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Powerful hydration Powerful hydration

Hydration solutions designed to replenish electrolytes and quench your thirst. Never let dehydration slow you down again!

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Free Fuel Tool Free Fuel Tool

Remember, every pedal takes you closer to your goals, and Styrkr are here to support you every step of the way.

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Fuelling made simple Fuelling made simple

Supercharge your performance. Our range of drink mixes, gels and bars are specifically engineered to give you the strength to go further.

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Pedal with Styrkr today!

Join our thriving Styrkr community today and gain access to resources designed to elevate your cycling experience. From top-quality nutrition products to expert training insights and up-to-date cycling stories.

Join our thriving Styrkr community today and gain access to resources designed to elevate your cycling experience. From top-quality nutrition products to expert training insights and up-to-date cycling stories.

With Styrkr by your side, you'll be fully equipped for your next cycling challenge. Our nutrition fuel will keep you energised for peak performance. Meanwhile, our training hub will help you fine-tune your skills and achieve new PBs!

Stay connected with fellow cyclists over on our Styrkr Instagram and get inspired by the latest happenings in the biking world.

Join the revolution. Elevate your performance with Styrkr today!

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Athlete Spotlight

Congratulations to Sam, who dared to take on an epic adventure in Arizona! As the sun beamed down, Sam's wheels spun with sheer determination, carrying him closer to the finish line with each pedal stroke.

And guess what? He did it! With an impressive top 30 overall finish, Sam proved he's a force to be reckoned with in the cycling world! But that's not all! He also snatched a fantastic top 20 spot in his age category! 🌵🚴‍♂️🥇 Sam, you're a cycling rockstar!

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Athlete Spotlight

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