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SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder
SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder

SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder

Athlete-approved endurance sports fuel

SLT05 electrolytes powder Caffeine+ keeps you fully hydrated, sustaining maximum power and avoiding unwanted muscle irritation and also packs a caffeine punch to sharpen the mind.

  • Supplies quad-blend electrolytes lost in sweat – sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium – to continually rehydrate and revitalise
  • Delivers an additional 50mg of caffeine boost to sharpen focus and reduce perceived effort
  • Gentle on the stomach, pH-balanced with no unnecessary colourants or preservatives
  • 100% vegan-friendly, manufactured in the UK

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    Endurance Fuel, Backed by Science.

    All Styrkr drinks, gels and salts have been specifically engineered to produce unique effects in the body – specifically, the bloodstream – that reduce overall fatigue and energy expenditure while maintaining power and increasing output throughout endurance activity.

    Complete endurance fuel

    We don’t just give you the most effective carbohydrate fuelling, our active ingredients like L-glutamine reduce the accumulation of blood ammonia concentration during exercise, lessening fatigue and boosting your performance.

    Perfect carb ratio

    Styrkr drink mixes and gels contain two transportable carbohydrates – maltodextrin and fructose – at a ratio of 1:0.8 to improve the exogenous carbohydrate oxidation rate and cause the least amount of gut discomfort compared to ratios of 1:1.25 and 2:1


    Our products hit your PBs hard, not your pockets. FACT: Styrkr drink mixes, gels and salts costs less per unit than our dual-carb competitors. Our products deliver maximum carbohydrates in an industry leading price to weight ratio.


    We are proud that all of our products are 100% vegan and made with natural ingredients. You’ll not find any unnecessary colourants or preservatives in our products either.

    A balance of carbs, vitamins and electrolytes to give your body all it needs to perform.

    All Styrkr products have been made specifically with athletes in mind and tested in the toughest conditions before going to market. Our gels and drink mixes give you everything you need to perform at your best without anything added that isn't necessary.

    How many electrolytes do I need?

    During intense activity your body loses electrolytes through sweat. This is dependent on heat, intensity and how heavy a sweater you are. You lose Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium during intense activity and it is particularly important to replenish your Potassium and Sodium levels. Our quad blend formula mimics the ratio found in sweat to replace exactly what is lost helping you sustain power and avoid muscle irritation. Follow this chart for SLT05 intake recommendations.

    What goes in to Styrkr SLT05 caffeine

    Quad-blend Electrolytes 

    sodium 360mg, potassium, chloride 280mg, magnesium 11mg, and calcium 20mg

    Hypotonic formulation 

    Drives water retention, maximising hydration and water saturation in muscles to prevent cramping.

    Backed by science

    Electrolyte profile and ratio mimics that of human sweat to replace exactly what is lost.

    SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder
    50mg of caffeine 

    To increase alertness and reduce perceived effort and pain.

    Vegan and Gluten free formulation

    Vegan society registered and gluten free so you never have to compromise your diet.   

    Nutritional Value mg %nrv
    Sodium 360 18
    Potassium 280 14
    Magnesium 11 2.9
    Calcium 20 2.5
    Caffeine 50 -
    Full ingredients: Maltodextrin, Sodium Chloride, Natural Raspberry Flavouring, Potassium Chloride, Stevia, Calcium Malate, Trimagnesium Citrate, Caffeine.

    Caution: May contain traces of nuts.

    How to use SLT05 caffeine 
    How to use SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder
    Fuelling the every day athlete

    The Styrkr sports fuel range is the culmination of many months of research and development with one clear focus: to help everyday athletes reach their next endurance goal. We Listen to what our customers have to say and always strive to create the higest quality products that really work.

    UK Manufactured


    High Quality Ingredients

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    Fuelling the every day athlete

    Any questions we haven't answered?

    How do I use SLT05 Caffeine+ hydration electrolytes?

    Powder sachet to be mixed with 500ml of water.

    SLT05 Caffeine+ is best consumed before and during intense activity and combines synergistically with other Styrkr products as part of a flexible fuelling strategy.

    Why do I need electrolytes?

    For activity over 60 minutes – or in hot conditions – it’s important that electrolytes are used to hydrate. Dehydration increases usage of muscle glycogen and decreases blood volume and digestive function, none of which are beneficial for endurance activity.
    SLT05Caffeine+ helps replace the electrolytes lost in sweat. Water alone can cause bloating, reducing the desire to drink and fluids not being replaced properly.

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