Christmas is around the corner, and there's nothing like the thrill of nailing that awesome gift. The only hiccup? Figuring out what the heck to pick! We've whipped up a cool list of gift ideas that are just perfect for the go-getters in your life. Consider it our way of throwing you a lifeline if you're drowning in the sea of Christmas present options.

Hunting for affordable gems to stuff those stockings? Your search ends here! Dive into our under-£20 stocking filler gift guide – guaranteed to sprinkle some extra magic into anyone's Christmas day. 

STYRKR Taster Kit - £7.99

Explore the power of Styrkr through our thoughtfully curated Taster Kit. It serves as an ideal choice when uncertain about the preferences of the ambitious go-getter in your life.


  • 1x BAR50 
  • 1x MIX60
  • 1x GEL30 
  • 1x SLT05

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STYRKR Body Care Total Protection Bundle Pack - £9.99

Gift the endurance boost with these rad protection creams! Perfect for keeping them going strong through the holiday hustle. Train longer, bounce back faster – the ideal Christmas gift for the unstoppable ones in your life!

Warming Gel 30ml x 1 | Cooling Gel 30ml x 1 | Chafing Cream 30ml x 1

  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Long lasting formula
  • Rich in natural hemp oil
  • Helps to nourish your skin

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 Hydration Kit - £14.99

'Tis the season for quick hydration, and Styrkr's Hydration Kit has you covered. Treat yourself or a fitness enthusiast to the athlete-approved SLTs, a perfect way to sample our hypotonic formula without emptying your pockets. Ideal for the day after Xmas, especially when a few heads are nursing the festivities a bit too much!


  • 1x SLT07
  • 1x 750ml Bottle 

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New Energy Bar Taster Kit - £15.99

Try all 3 delicious high carb rice bars flavours in our taster kit! An adventure-ready, quick-release energy bar that gives you the edge by delivering maximum energy and fighting flavour fatigue on longer expeditions.

  • Contains:

    • 2x BAR50 Dark Chocolate Chip
    • 2x BAR50 Date, Almond & Sea Salt
    • 2x BAR50 Apple, Cinnamon, Caramel & Sultana

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So why not help the endurance lovers in your life switch it up in 2024 with these best endurance gifts from our gift guide. You can also Check out our bundle deals here.

Have the best Xmas and don’t forget to share your endurance efforts with us this festive season on Instagram, Strava, and TikTok