You don’t need to catch a plane to enjoy a weekend away on two wheels. Here are the best cycling trail holidays in the UK…

The UK is full of hidden gems when it comes to cycling routes and trails. Whether you want to travel on the roads, take the beaten path, or explore a more unconventional route, there’s something for everyone.

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In this blog post, we’ll highlight five of the best cycling trail holidays in the UK — all of which are perfect for longer bikepacking trips, gravel rides, or smaller bike rides with the family — helping you choose the next perfect cycling holiday destination.

The five best cycling trail holidays in the UK

Here are our top five cycling trail holiday destinations in the UK: 

  1. The Yorkshire Dales
  2. The England and Wales border 
  3. Hebrides, Scotland
  4. The Lake District
  5. Snowdonia, Wales

The Yorkshire Dales

Best trails and MTB routes.

When it comes to cycling in the UK, few places are quite as iconic as the Yorkshire Dales.

The stunning scenery and excellent trails (and roads!) make for an exhilarating time on two wheels. And if you’re obsessed with chasing those segments, then don’t worry — there are also steep climbs and technical descents to sink your teeth into. And let’s not forget those breathtaking views.

Known for its epic mountain biking routes (a lot of which can be ridden on a gravel bike), there are plenty of trails away from traffic and in the heart of nature.

The Howgills are popular, but if you’re looking for something a little more family-friendly, then try the Settle Loop.

The England and Wales border

Best for casual riders in search of magical views

The Peregrine path is found on the border between England and Wales. It’s a short ride (approx 7.5 miles), but once you start the trail, you’ll encounter magical views, spellbinding descents, and perfection on two wheels — it almost feels like you’re the main character in a fairytale. It’s family-friendly, away from traffic, and if you’re travelling to Wales, it opens up many other route options for you to explore.

The actual route is short — less than 10 miles and very achievable for riders of all ages. Many riders (and families) choose an out-and-back route — taking in the scenery for a second time.

Hebrides, Scotland

Best for those in search of an adventure on two wheels.
You’ve likely heard of the Isle of Skye. It’s the largest major island in the Hebrides that plays host to a beyond-picturesque fishing town with brightly coloured buildings and charming harbourside pubs.

There are a ton of trails to get stuck into, or if you fancy something a little more planned, you can follow the Hebridean Way — a tour of multiple islands, including ferry crossings and causeways.

Wherever you go, remember to bring your camera — you’ll definitely want to capture those views.

The Lake District

Best for summer riding.
The Lake District is home to some of the most beautiful climbs and hair-rising descents – we’re looking at you, Hardknott Pass.

But there are also some great off-road trail sections. A lot of the roads are steep, and the surfaces are not the best — so thicker tyres and lower gears are a must. If you’re looking for a home base, try Windermere or Ambleside.

You’re spoilt for choice with MTB trails and gravel bike-friendly routes, looping around the local area, or taking you out further if you wish to make a day of it. And when you’re done, kick back and enjoy an ice cream while looking at the lake.

You’ll struggle to find anywhere quite as charming in the UK, although that’s spoken from someone born and raised less than a five-mile ride from Britain's favourite view voted in 2007.

Snowdonia, Wales

Best for the entire family.
Snowdonia has some of the best roads and trails in the UK for cycling. The Mawddach trail is popular with families. But there are tons of other options such as Lon Las Ogwen, and Los Las Eifion.

Wherever you go, you’re met with the beautiful sites of the national park. There are endless winding forest trails and roads that will take you on a trip through the valleys, showing you the beautiful scenery Wales has to offer.

There are a few main standout trails perfect for some leisurely riding with the family:
  1. The Mawddah trail (15km)
  2. Lôn Gwyrfai (7km)

We’re spoilt for choice in the UK

When we think of the best cycling trail holidays, we often think of Switzerland, the Dolomites, and other picturesque locations that often require the stress of flying. And then there’s packing your bike… that’s a whole other headache.

But in the UK, we’re actually spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a route. You have the beautiful Lakes, the Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia, and the beautiful islands in Scotland.

Wherever you choose to go, we’re sure you’ll have a blast.

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