Welcome to the Gravales Grinder, proudly hosted by STYRKR, an extraordinary 180-kilometre gravel adventure encompassing the picturesque Salisbury Plains on the 10th of December.

Our journey commences at Mi Su Café, situated along the Bristol And Bath Railway Path, where we will convene for coffee and a rider briefing.

From there, our route guides you through the charming city of Bath, leading you onto the scenic yet rugged canal paths. This path eventually ushers you into Trowbridge, where you will continue your journey along paved roads for a short time. Then, it's time to embrace the splendid expanse of Salisbury Plain, known for offering some of the finest gravel terrain in the southwest.

Sam William Andrews, an elite gravel rider affiliated with STYRKR, regards these plains as his personal training grounds for some of the most prominent gravel events worldwide. Following an epic circuit around the plains, you'll find yourself traversing the idyllic backcountry lanes. Eventually, you'll make your way back towards Bath, cycling through two tunnels before the homestretch beckons.

As our adventure reaches its conclusion, we'll be returning to Bristol, culminating our ride at the esteemed Wiper and True Brewery & Tap Room

This gravel adventure is truly exceptional and is guaranteed to challenge your determination. Prizes from MAAP, Restrap, and GoodYear will be awarded to the top three finishers on the day. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up HERE!