The latest product from Styrkr — the SLT07 hydration tablets — provide you with essential electrolytes for those intense workouts. Whether that’s a long day on the bike in the heat, a 1.5 hour run on the trails, or an indoor turbo workout with not one, but two fans doing their best to cool you down, our hydration tablets will keep you focused on what matters most.

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When you exercise, you sweat. It’s one of the body's thermoregulatory responses to help cool you down. But when you sweat, you lose electrolytes (these are key for maintaining fluid balance for optimal hydration and performance).

Research indicates that some people sweat more than others. And some people are also “salty” sweaters. This means they lose more sodium (and often other electrolytes) via sweat and may need to pay more attention to their hydration needs.

Sweat rate is highly individual — but failure to consume enough water and electrolytes increases your risk of dehydration.

And if you think you have a low sweat rate, then you can definitely agree that you will sweat more during an intense training session under the sun in the peak of summer.

That means more electrolytes lost via sweat.

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You need to replace these electrolytes to promote proper fluid balance for optimal sports hydration and performance.

That’s where the SLT07 comes in — it replaces those key electrolytes to help you reach your finish line, wherever and whatever that may be.

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How do electrolyte tablets work?

Electrolyte tablets dissolve into water, providing key minerals — sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium — to ensure proper hydration.

During intense exercise, and especially in hot or humid conditions, you typically sweat more. 

And as previously mentioned, some people are also “saltier” sweaters than others. If that’s you, an electrolyte tablet can be a great addition to your hydration strategy, either before or during your workout.

What are the benefits?

Hydration and electrolyte tablets replace salts and minerals lost through sweat.

And while it’s all fine and dandy to explain the science, what actual benefits can you expect?

  • Reduced muscle cramp and fatigue 
  • Proper muscle contraction 
  • Improved recovery
  • Maintain and improve cellular health
  • Prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion

benefits of taking hydration tablets

But how do they actually hydrate you?

Electrolytes are a group of minerals that, when in correct balance, properly regulate fluid levels in the body.

You get electrolytes naturally from your diet but when you sweat, you lose electrolytes. Drinking an electrolyte drink during exercise replaces lost electrolytes via sweat, allowing you to constantly regulate fluid levels for proper sports hydration.

If you were to only drink water during very intense exercise in a hot climate, let’s say a 3 hour bike ride in the peak of summer in Spain, then you still might encounter dehydration. 

Yes, it’s a lot better than drinking nothing (very dangerous), but consuming only water and not enough electrolytes might cause the water to flush our existing electrolytes — this further increases your risk of fatigue and dehydration on the bike.

For those hot rides and intense sessions, it’s a good idea to have one bottle mixed with an electrolyte solution and another with water (to get started).

And while hydration is very important, don’t forget your cycling nutrition if going long on the bike.

What electrolyte tablets should I take?

Our Styrkr athletes love the SLT07 electrolyte tablets — they allow you to keep pushing all the way to the finish line.

The SLT07 hydration tablets contain 1000 mg of sodium, 100 mg potassium, 25 mg magnesium, and 15 mg of calcium per tablet. If you’re a heavy sweater or exercise in hot conditions, take a whole tablet. If you don’t sweat much or the conditions are mild, half a tablet will do the trick.

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When to take electrolyte tablets 

If you are planning a long day in the saddle in hot conditions, you might want to take a hydration supplement such as an electrolyte tablet in the hours before jumping in the saddle.

And if you are training in the morning and you feel dehydrated (dark-coloured urine, thirst, excessive tiredness), you can also take a tablet — or half — mixed with water. This will increase fluid balance and help you get your hydration back on track.

Most people use hydration tablets during exercise — this is when you’ll lose key electrolytes via sweat. It’s important to top up your electrolytes for maximum performance and minimal poor hydration side effects.

One bottle of water and one bottle of water mixed with an electrolyte solution is typically a convenient option for a regular 2 hour session. But you can drink more fluid as needed. We recommend calculating your sweat rate for a more accurate hydration strategy.

And finally, you guessed it; you can also use them after an intense session or day in the heat if you notice those signs of dehydration.

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Are there any side effects? 

Most athletes will not experience any side effects when taking electrolyte tablets.

But you should not take more than 3 tablets a day. Typically, 1 tablet before or during exercise is plenty.

If you do experience side effects, they are likely to be mild, such as mild nausea. 

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Can I take electrolyte tablets every day?

Yes! You can take electrolyte tablets every day. But we would avoid taking no more than 3 tablets in a 24-hour period.

Can hydration tablets replace water?

Hydration tablets should not replace water. You should mix a tablet with water, but also consume plenty of water (without hydration tablets) throughout the day, too. It’s about fluid balance.

What are the best hydration tablets? 

The Styrkr athletes love the SLT07 hydration tablets. They are low in sugar, easy on the stomach, and provide key electrolytes for optimal hydration.