Excitement fills the air at Styrkr HQ as we announce a momentous week of unveiling the highly anticipated GEL50. After extensive months of meticulous development and rigorous testing, we are thrilled to present this quick and convenient energy gel. Loaded with 50g of dual-carbohydrates and featuring two fresh, enticing flavours, the GEL50 is purposefully designed to propel you beyond boundaries, providing a burst of lightning-fast energy for your endeavours.

Now, let's delve into the tale behind GEL50.

Motivated by valuable insights from our customers and athletes regarding our existing gel lineup, we embarked on a thorough journey of development and testing to introduce GEL50 as a flavourful addition. Faced with the challenge of carrying numerous products during extensive training rides and ultra-distance events, we sought a solution. The idea was to craft a gel that not only boasted rich flavours but also packed a substantial amount of carbohydrates. This innovative approach aimed to minimise the need for multiple product consumption while maximising the hourly intake of carbs. And thus, GEL50 was born.

Facing a crucial test in September 2023, Brand Manager Sam Andrews geared up for the impending Badlands ultra-distance gravel race in Spain. Interestingly, this race served as the proving ground for the entire Styrkr range before its official launch in 2021—though admittedly, at a more leisurely pace than Sam had in mind for rigorously testing the capabilities of GEL50.

The route begins in Granada, in the south of Spain, travels through two deserts, then snakes along the Mediterranean coast before climbing back up into the mountains of Sierra Nevada, covering over 750 km. 

As the sun rose, Sam kicked off the adventure armed with two 250ml soft flasks of GEL50. The journey ahead promised a tapestry of trails, stories, and unpredictable variables waiting to unfold. After enduring 45 hours with zero gut discomfort or flavour fatigue, a mere 10 minutes of sleep, experiencing hallucinations, facing various challenges, and ultimately clinching first place in the pairs category and securing 7th position overall, the GEL50 was ready to bring to the market. 

When all’s said and done

Endurance sport isn’t about glory.
It’s about the journey.
It’s about where you started, where you’re at and where you want to be.
It’s about getting away from the screens and into the world.
That nagging, yearning feeling in your gut: the anticipation of a new adventure.
It’s about seeing the world as your playground: the roads your stadiums, the trails your amphitheatres. It’s about changing your mindset.
Failing but not giving up.
Succeeding but not resting on your laurels.
It’s about breaking new barriers, making new friends and setting new goals.
It’s about preparation, data and analysis.
Breathing, fuelling and resting.
Accomplishment and relief.
It’s about all those dark moments when your instincts kick in and you desperately want to give up... but you still keep on going.
All our products are designed to help everyday athletes achieve these goals.
To push harder than you’ve ever pushed before. To reach places you never thought possible.
To keep on keeping on and find out who you really are.
In Old Norse, Styrkr means “strength”.
In 2022 and beyond, it means results.
With grit, determination and the ‘Strength to go further’, where will you end up?