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  • SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder
  • SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder
  • SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder

SLT05 Caffeine Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder

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Athlete-approved endurance sports fuel

SLT05 Caffeine+ keeps you fully hydrated, sustaining maximum power and avoiding unwanted muscle irritation and also packs a caffeine punch to sharpen the mind.

  • Supplies quad-blend electrolytes lost in sweat – sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium – to continually rehydrate and revitalise
  • Delivers additional caffeine boost to sharpen focus and reduce perceived effort
  • Gentle on the stomach, pH-balanced with zero colourants or preservatives
  • 100% vegan-friendly, manufactured in the UK

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    • How do I use SLT05 Caffeine+?
    • Why do I need electrolytes?
    • What does the product contain?
    • Nutritional Information

    Powder sachet to be mixed with 500ml of water.

    SLT05 Caffeine+ is best consumed before and during intense activity and combines synergistically with other Styrkr products as part of a flexible fuelling strategy.

    For activity over 60 minutes – or in hot conditions – it’s important that electrolytes are used to hydrate. Dehydration increases usage of muscle glycogen and decreases blood volume and digestive function, none of which are beneficial for endurance activity.
    SLT05 Caffeine+ helps replace the electrolytes lost in sweat. Water alone can cause bloating, reducing the desire to drink and fluids not being replaced properly.

    • 360mg sodium
    • 280mg potassium
    • 20mg calcium
    • 11mg magnesium
    • 50mg caffeine
    • No unnecessary additives
    • No preservatives, colourants or flavours
    • Great taste

    Full ingredients: Fruit powder, natural flavouring, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, stevia, calcium malate, magnesium citrate and caffeine.

    Nutritional Value mg %nrv
    Potassium 280 14
    Magnesium 11 2.9
    Calcium 20 2.5
    Caffeine 50 -

    Made in England


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