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Styrkr Adventure Box

Styrkr Adventure Box


For those predisposed to go further, we present our Adventure Box. With over 16 products, it's enough for a few respectable crusades and a great opportunity to really feel the benefits of the Styrkr range.

  • Driven by science
  • Trusted by athletes 
  • Engineered for everyone 
  • Stay stronger for longer


2 x MIX90
2 x MIX60
2 x GEL30
2 x GEL30 Nitro+
2 x GEL30 Caffeine+
2 x SLT05
2 x SLT05 Caffeine+
2 x Bottles
1 x Cycling Cap

30 day money back guarantee

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Why Choose STYRKR?

Our PlasmaTech™ science makes a difference, every time

Our products hit PBs hard, not pockets

Every time you fuel, a hungry child fuels too

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